William Shakespeare

The Norton Shakespeare, Based on the Oxford Edition: Two-Volume Paperback Set (Norton Shakespeare, Based on the Oxford Edition)

Title: The Norton Shakespeare, Based on the Oxford Edition: Two-Volume Paperback Set (Norton Shakespeare, Based on the Oxford Edition)

Author: William Shakespeare

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 3595

Publisher: , 0

ISBN: 039393151X

Format: PDF / Kindle / ePub

Size: 5.5 MB

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Upon publication in 1997, The Norton Shakespeare set a new standard for teaching editions of Shakespeare's complete works. Instructors and students worldwide welcomed the fresh scholarship, lively and accessible introductions, helpful marginal glosses and notes, readable single-column format, all designed in support of the goal of the Oxford text: to bring the modern reader closer than before possible to Shakespeare's plays as they were first acted. Now, under Stephen Jay Greenblatt's direction, the editors have considered afresh each introduction and all of the apparatus to make the Second Edition an even better teaching tool.


Insightful reviews

Michael: Hamlet: This is, in my opinion, the best piece of literature ever written in the English language.

Macbeth: I never read this play in school, or anything, which is weird because I was an English major in college and took a Shakespeare class. I just read it though, in anticipation of seeing the play performed. I wanted to understand what I was seeing better. There are some really great themes in this play -- trust, betrayal, the influence a corrupt leader has on his people -- and there are some great passages -- Macbeth's ruminations on the brevity and meaninglessness of life is powerful. Overall, it didn't wow me, but I think I need to read it a few more times so that I can really sink my teeth in it.

Othello: I love this play because Shakespeare does such a great job of showing how the characters do not do what they say they do. Othello says that he trusts his wife, but at the mere mention of her being unfaithful he loses it and ends up killing her. Trust means believing someone even when you have reason not to, not just when everything is fine.

Malcolm: The best complete Shakespeare, bar none. If you had to live on a desert island and could take only one book, and you chose a complete edition of Shakespeare's works, this has to be it. Full of the latest editions of all his plays and poetry. It also has revised chronology of his works, including some discussions of works which may be by him such as Love's Labour's Won, and some great essays to really bring the edition up to date. Buy it, read it, enjoy. Simple.

Jennifer: I haven't read this Norton (or any Norton, I believe) in totallity, who has? But the background information is GOLD and all the works compiled together is wonderfully overwhelming for any nerd! The works I have read, I have thoroughly enjoyed. I haven't met a Shakespearean play that I didn't enjoy on some level.

Emily: This, in my overly proficient opinion, is the easiest scholarly version of Shakespeare. It fancies up the Oxford. Annotations are plentiful... it by no means assumes you know the which means of newbie shakes vocab like "anon" or "coxcomb" haha, however it does not miss the nerdly digressions approximately how Richard III wasn't rather one of these badass as all that. you cannot take this e-book within the bathtub.

Sarah Jayne Jones: essential for English Literature students! It contains necessary introductions to every play that i discovered very useful.

Baff: i've got a speculation approximately Shakespeare that could be untestable during this life. My speculation is that, which will comprehend Shakespeare, you want to get pleasure from him. Backward, huh? Yet, it appears this fact comes out in the event you communicate with those that wish to learn this stuff. In any case, the Norton is a great resource/doorstop to have on your library. even though my scholarship is exceeding feeble, I occasionally disagree with the editor's remark on yes words. His definitions simply do not appear to healthy the context sometimes, yaknow? For example, on the starting of Julius Caesar, whilst the cobbler says to Marullus, "Truly, sir, in recognize of a superb workman, i'm but, as you'll say, a cobbler." Greenblatt says he means, "in comparability WITH an exceptional workman..." whereas i believe the context renders the meaning, "DRESSED AS a workman, i'm but..." considering that Marullus has simply requested the cobbler approximately his clothes, this turns out an improved interpretation of the phrase, "in recognize of," to me. it's only reasonable to notice that Stephen Greenblatt is a reasonably prestigious Shakespeare scholar. So take my be aware video games with a grain of salt (raised to Caesar, no doubt).

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