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California Meets South Dakota

    This project was completed in three phase. The first phase was completed when the house was new.  We installed fairly basic rock, edging, boulder retaining walls, and a few plantings.   The second phase was completed when the swimming pool was installed. 

    The finish grade of the pool meant we had to bring in soil, grade the back yard, and add some boulder outcropping to retain some soil.  We then added perennials, screening plants, and trees in the back yard. 

    A few years later came phase three.  The client requested more outdoor living space.  The existing concrete had cracked beyond repair and it was time to expand their space.  We worked through numerous design solutions.  In the end we came up with a solution that the clients were very excited about. 

    The touches ofCaliforniacame from the materials chosen for the project.  The large faux travertine tiles reminded them of their last home inCalifornia.  Sorry, no palm trees, but the plant materials chosen also resembled that ofCalifornia.  We tried to give this as much of a tropical feel as possible.  The outdoor fireplace is one of the focal points in the back yard and was placed to be seen from almost any viewing area inside the house. 

    The client is a pretty handy do-it yourselfer.  They have since themselves added a small outdoor kitchen, fence, arbors, and a pump house for the pool equipment.

    Overall the clients are very happy with the amazing transformation to a lushCaliforniastyle back yard.

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