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Perennials Gone Wild

    When we originally met the client, it was a pretty typical residential property.   Concrete front steps, small plantings, and a sea of lawn.  The one thing that stood out was the gazebo in the back yard.  The client wanted a complete transformation that would be completed in phases. 

    After the master plan was finalized we decided how the project would be broke up into phases. 

    • Phase #1 – Front Yard. Existing concrete steps were removed.  It was replaced with a gorgeous paver stoop and paver walkway.  Planting beds were cleaned up and added.  A flagstone path was installed for access to the back yard.  Drainage issues were corrected and irrigation was installed.
    • Phase #2 – Back Yard Landscape.  During the second phase we removed almost the entire lawn in the back yard.  The cedar arbors were constructed and we added seasonal perennial and shrub plantings.  Also at this time we installed the Dakota Moss Rock water feature. It was all topped off with shredded mulch and drip irrigation. 
    • Phase #3 – Back Yard Side Walk.  We removed the existing concrete walkway that went from the back door of the house to the alley side garage.  We then installed a paver walkway that not only went to the garage but the gazebo too.
    • Phase #4 – Back Patio.  At this point we had installed about 95% of the master plan.  The client wanted to dress up the back patio.  We installed some freestanding walls for additional seating in a small space.  Also added an outdoor kitchen, including fridge and stereo.  Then so the space was more inviting at night we installed accent lighting throughout.

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