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Back Yard Oasis

    This back yard oasis is what most people dream of.  From entertaining to roasting marshmallows; feeding the Koi to enjoying the perennials gardens; this back yard has something for everyone.  This project features:

    • Large waterfall and Koi pond
    • Entertaining patio
    • Fire pit and patio
    • Sunning patio
    • Large cedar deck
    • Shrub and perennial gardens
    • Accent lighting

    This project began even before we stepped foot on the site.  The homeowner started with removing numerous large trees and shrubs.  After meetings with the homeowners, proper planning, and material selection we were ready to begin.

    The site contained two main problems.  The slope adjacent to the back of the garage, and water was coming in the basement during large rains.

    The existing patio sloped back to the house, so the drainage was an easy fix.  When we installed the new patio, the patio was sloped to allow proper drainage. 

    The slope behind the garage was almost an overall advantage.  It allowed us to implement a spectacular water feature.  The water feature circulates 30,000gph, has hardy and tropical plants, and various species of fish. You can enjoy the water feature from any location in the yard, and even in the house.

    The homeowners opted for a gas fire pit.  The patio surrounding the fire pit has been the location of many camp outs.

    Two other patios were installed in the project.  One patio is behind the garage that serves as a sunning area and another patio at basement level for entertaining. 

    The entire project was accented with a variety of shrub and perennial plantings. 

    Accent lighting was installed throughout the project.  One highlight is the down lighting in the arbor above the upper tier of the deck.

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