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A River Runs Through It

    The client came to us wanting to dress up their back yard.  It was about as plain as a brown paper bag.  The back yard does have a show stopping view of the eastern side ofSioux Fallsthough.   After meeting with the clients, doing a site evaluation, and study, we proceeded with three concept plans.  The final plan derived from a combination of the three plans. 

    The completed back yard has some interesting features.  The one that stands out in most pictures is the gazebo.  The gazebo created a place for gathering and shade.  The inside is finished off with some creature comforts like a ceiling fan and flatscreen television.

    The one thing that is not noticeable in the pictures is the 150’ long stream and waterfall.  The pondless waterfall is constructed ofSioux Fallsnative quartzite. It circulates approximately 7500 gph. 

    The large patio is fantastic for entertaining and the accent lighting sets it off at night.  When the grandkids show up the fire pit area is the focus of everyone’s attention. Other highlights include perennial/annual/bulb beds, quartzite stone bridge, quartzite steps, quartzite sitting rocks, and quartzite outcroppings.

    All this was completed and they still retained the spectacular view ofeastern SiouxFalls.


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