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Inviting Front Yard

    This project started with the homeowners wanting to remove and replace the small wood steps that were on the front of the house.  Looking around the area they found a set of steps they really liked.   So, it was our job to integrate the steps and other requests into an interesting and creative landscape, which blended into the property.

    The steps are one of the main focal points of the front yard.  The South Dakota Blonde Boulder walls, columns, curving paver walkway, berms, and stone steps help integrate the concrete steps into the landscape, and property. 

    The front of the house showed a lot of concrete foundation block.  The addition of the steps, boulder wall, outcroppings, and change in grade allowed us to cover a large portion of the concrete block. 

    Trees and plantings were also added when the project was near completion.  Ornamental trees were added for interest, and spruce trees were added for a screen to the back yard.  The home owner later completed the landscaping plantings with lush and colorful perennials.  They also use large pots and other features to create interest in the front yard.

    Among the many highlights of this renovation project is the lighting.  Out of all the lighting projects we have completed this one stands out above the rest.  The property and landscape had a lot of features that made it real easy.  The large Silver Maple street trees were utilized to down light many of the outstanding features in the front yard.  That feature is spectacular.  Also lights were installed on the columns, accent lighting on the trees, paver walks, and steps make this a landscape that needs to be viewed at night. 

    On top of all the interesting landscape features we added in the renovation, the homeowners have taken it upon themselves to decorate for all the holidays.  The decorations make for a fun and playful front yard.

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