Accent Lighting
Why stumble around in the dark?

One great thing about landscape lighting is that you start with a dark palette, and are able to highlight and accentuate the best features of a property. Efficient landscape lighting installation will give you safety, pride, and dignity in your home.

Before every lighting project Northern Plains Landscaping Inc. tries to get in touch with the creative side of the homeowner.  We try to help you imagine the look and feel you want the lighting to bring the property.  We place lighting fixtures where they will create shadows and depth.  Whiles also making sure focal points will be featured by light, and that the unique architectural features are highlighted.  All this is done while trying to hide the source of the light and reduce glare from any angle.

At Northern Plains Landscaping Inc. we utilize only the best materials and installation practices for landscape lighting.  Our experienced installers develop your lighting system using lifetime guaranteed materials.

  • Up lighting
  • Down lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Safety lighting
  • Path lighting