Line, Form, Texture, Color

Organization is the first key to garden and landscape design…. “Design the bookshelves before getting too many books”

Engaging in a Garden & Landscape Design is an exciting and educational process for both the clients and designers. While every design is unique, all of our landscape and garden designs share the basic qualities of seamless aesthetic & functional practically. Good design should reflect the unique personality of the owner as well as blending effortlessly into the surrounding environment. We truly believe that the best landscape and garden designs effectively blur the lines between art, human function and nature by becoming usefully and practically integrated into human and ecological systems. There simply is no need to sacrifice beauty for functionality; in fact some might say that functionality and efficiency are intrinsic aspects of natural beauty.

We treat each and every garden and landscape design holistically, taking into account the needs of the client and space, simultaneously improving both aesthetic and practical functionality. We look for renewable onsite opportunities which can help limit needless introduction of hardscape and softscape materials. We focus on maximizing positive feedback loops by using appropriate plants, trees and materials. By using the right plants and materials we incorporate natural systems to produce beautiful and durable gardens which look perfect in our beautiful South Dakota setting for years and years.

We design breath taking landscapes and we take great pride in the results. From small front yard spaces, entry ways, existing garden restoration plans, large landscape treatments, outdoor living spaces, perennial gardens, wildlife/native garden design – we can help you realize your ideal landscape dreams.

After taking precise onsite measurements, digital photos and investigating the onsite opportunities and conditions of your space we will conduct an in-depth interview to discuss your ideal landscape, your priorities, aims & goals and intended usage. We also tailor the design specification keeping an eye on realistic costs by suggesting the appropriate materials. Let us suggest a few alternatives which can achieve the desired aesthetic look & feel of your dream landscape.

  • Site Planning
  • Planting Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • On-Site Consultations