Outdoor Living Spaces
Relax with family and friends.

out·door liv·ing  “A style of life that emphasizes outdoor activities, amenities, and recreation.”

Your outdoor living space should be as nice and comfortable as your living room.   An outdoor living space can be whatever the client wants it to be, providing of course that it is outside and that a good deal of time is spent living in it. What are your wants and needs? How do you like to spend your time out-of-doors? These are the questions that will help develop your definition of an outdoor living area.

Our definition of an outdoor living area includes the following features:

  • A furnished patio, dining area and kitchen.
  • An activity area that may include a swimming pool, fire pit or lounge area.
  • A well designed landscape and garden area to add ambiance.

When weather permits your family may like to cook, eat, relax and entertain outside; you may have family and friends over; your three teenage children like to have their friends over. Cooking, then, is important and takes place at all hours from morning until midnight. A good barbecue forms the center piece of any outdoor kitchen.  An added bonus is a sit up counter area where friends can watch and keep you company while you cook.

Next on my priority list would be an area to sit, relax, read, converse and even watch TV if possible is a lovely addition to any outdoor living area. Comfortable chairs, couches, side tables, a glider or porch swing and even a daybed can make this area cozy and inviting. Patio furniture can be purchased in a wide range of styles and materials to meet anyone’s taste and preference; my bias leans to cedar patio furniture. The goal here, ultimately, is to make the outdoor living area mirror the comfort and design of the indoors.

In addition to eating, relaxing and entertaining outside, most clients like to be active; thus an outdoor living area also includes a space for other activities. If space allows an area would be set for playing catch with a baseball or football, for shooting pucks or practicing soccer kicks, or for pitching horseshoes, lawn bowling, whatever. Most yards can accommodate all, or at least some of these features to some degree; downsizing is preferable to omitting. The more options available, the more enjoyment can be taken.

Finally, atmosphere and ambiance are vital to any outdoor living area; these elements can be created with a well designed garden and complimentary landscaping. The goal here is to set the mood for whatever activities occur; be that pool parties, dinner parties, afternoon barbecues or quiet family time. The greatest compliment is to have guests comment that they feel as if they are visiting a resort.

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor theatres
  • Fire pits, gas and wood
  • Fireplaces
  • Seating walls
  • Free standing walls
  • Garden structures
  • Outdoor bars/counters